How to Use This Website

For Artists

This website can be used to track fanzine projects currently in progress. If you are an artist or writer looking to participate in a zine you've come to the right place! Go to the page to find comprehensive tables of every zine that is either currently open for applications or will be in the near future.

For Fans

This website can be used to browse fanzines currently for sale. Tired of searching high and low for fanzines about your favorite series? Search no more! This site conveniently tracks all currently active fanzine projects in one spot. Head on over to the page where you will find zines organized by series, theme, price, preorder deadline and more!

What is a Zine?

A bunch of zines

A zine is an amateur, limited (very few copies) publication of art. Zines can cover any topic from personal experiences to pop culture. They can be educational, humorous, radical, and anything inbetween. They are usually printed cheaply in a DIY-fashion and often have a scrapbook-like appearance. Zines usuallty cover themes or ideas the artist is passionate about and are a means of spreading/sharing that passion to like-minded people.

What is a Fanzine?

A fanzine is an amateur publication based on an existing property. Fanzines come in all shapes and sizes but they are usually in an anthology format, collecting multiple works of art, comics, or writings. Fanzines can have one or multiple contributors, can be digital or print, and be for charity or for profit. You are most likely to find fanzines online or at a convention. They may also be called a "fanbook", a "fancomic", an "anthology", or just a "zine".