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Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Eliana Lima and I'm a librarian and MLIS student from Massachusetts. When I'm not working at the library my hobbies include baking, movies, video games, and learning Japanese. I'm currently studying programming and web design.

My History with Fan Zines

I fell in love with fan zines thanks to my trip to Japan. In Tokyo there is a huge market for doujinshi, AKA fan created comic books. Unlike in America, where copyright laws are very strict, these are sold in stores (like Mandarake and K-Books) and can often be purchased for very cheap (around 500 yen or approximately $5). I don't like buying what I can find at the library but I still LOVE buying books so these amateur-made, limited run products really appealed to me. Another appeal of doujinshi is that they take your favorite series and expand on them in fun (or sexy) ways. By buying doujinshi you're not only supporting and engaging with fellow fans but you can continue to enjoy a series long after it has ended.

Returning to America left a doujinshi-shaped void in my heart. I can always import doujinshi from overseas but shipping costs quadruple the prices. Hungry for more, I found the closest American equivalent: fan zines! While the world of fan zines is undeniably smaller and quieter than the world of Japanese amateur comics, they scratch the same itch. Advantages of fan zines over doujinshi is that they tend to incorporate more varied art styles and the proceeds often go directly to charities. There is also a trend of fan zines being sold with fun extras like buttons, stickers, and charms.

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